Heartline Community Web - What We Are

What We Are

The HeartLine Community Web is a regional community network. We serve 4 counties with content, training and support in electronic communication & the Internet. It always will be under construction. We provide a range of services and also provide web server space to nonprofits and small governments on a fee-for-service basis. The Heartland Library Cooperative provides resources to promote this project.

The HeartLine Community Web connects you to libraries, government services and documents (such as city council minutes or tax records), business, consumer, medical and legal information. It can even help you to fix your car or landscape your yard. With the HeartLine Community Web, you don't have to leave work or home to get information. It is available 24 hours a day.

The HeartLine Community Web offers your children a way to talk with kids across town or across the world and work together on educational projects. School children can trade information with classes from Maine to Australia or ask experts for help answering tough questions. Parents and teachers can strengthen their relationships, and home-to-school relationships using the HeartLine Community Web.

Organizations have access to free basic training and World Wide Web space for information sharing with the community, the region and the world. Free, public-access computers exist in member libraries of the Heartland Library Cooperative.

As the HeartLine Community Web grows, more terminals will be added, in such places as senior citizen centers, government buildings, hotels -- even restaurants. The goal is convenient access for all.

There are dozens of community networks throughout the United States and in some other nations, as well. We also want to help the community, in this case the 4 county region, share the knowledge and value each person possesses with the rest of the region.

The system is "open", so feel free to enjoy all that is here. If you know of information you would like to see on the system, please let us know. We would love to train you to develop and maintain the information. This is due in large part to the dedication of volunteers -- citizens who donate their time and talent and money to help make their community better through the community network.

We Sure Could Use A Hand

As with all volunteer projects, the HeartLine Community Web needs your help. Whether you have particular computer skills or not, chances are we need the skills you have -- so please volunteer!

There are many ways you can help.HeartLine Community Web needs people willing to give their time and skills. Computer expertise is not required. Most of the work is done by volunteers -- people like you -- who feel pride in sharing with the community.

Here are some main areas where the HeartLine Community Web needs volunteers:

  • Publicity
  • Training.
  • Fund-raising.

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