Account Deletion Policy

HeartLine Web  reserves the right to delete your Site and cancel your registration if you violate the Terms of Service. To ensure that this doesn't occur, please read and adhere to the Terms of Service.

Our Terms of Service agreement is strictly enforced. If your site is deleted for any of the following reasons, you WILL NOT be restored:

  1. Warez information & Warez sites are specifically prohibited on The HeartLine Community Web.  Phreaking information & Phreak sites are specifically prohibited on The HeartLine Community Web. ANY site hosted by The HeartLine Community Web which contains information on Warez or Phreaking will be deleted.
  2. Having ROMs or ROM 'engines' on your site.
  3. Having MP (type 2 or 3) files on your site. We do not have the resources, both internally and externally, to monitor whether sites are adhering to enforced copyright law.
  4. "Spamming." Not only will your Site be deleted for spamming, but you may also face legal action from HeartLine Web  and from the recipients of your spam. Sending spam is absolutely forbidden..
  5. Circulating offensive material, which includes hate propaganda. HeartLine Web  does not support censorship. However, we will not justify a site that promotes bigotry, personal attacks nor any other malicious intent. We will not allow HeartLine Web nor its members to be desecrated in any manner.
  6. Having adult-oriented material on your site. HeartLine Web  does not host ANY adult-related sites.
  7. Willfully and/or maliciously defeated the ad banner system. Any manipulation of any kind will result in the immediate removal of your Site.
  8. Harassing other users of our HeartLine Web public newsgroups.
  9. Using someone else's copyrighted material (images, content, etc.).

HeartLine Community Web will not permit any violation of our terms nor any of the above mentioned issues for any reason.

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