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Vision and Mission

That all citizens in Florida’s Heartland region will have access to education, information and communication resources to help make the region a better place to learn, live, grow and prosper.

To provide an independent communications network for the Heartland region in central Florida, providing people worldwide access to education, information and communication resources, promoting participation in civic life and enhancing the community socially, culturally and economically.

We will achieve this through these specific means:

  • Provide a well-organized, easy-to-use computer-based network connecting all citizens throughout the region.
  • Provide for on-going support and training for citizens, through classes, personal, telephone and online support.
  • Develop the means for citizens to interact with each other, with elected officials and government at all levels.
  • Provide access and support to specific programming, or develop specific programs when appropriate, to encourage participation in civic life, growth and development.
  • Provide sustainability and development for the network to assure on-going access for citizens to increasing amounts of resources.
  • Continuously seek out additional information, education and communication resources to broaden and deepen the quality of the network and enhance its value to citizens.
  • Continuously seek and develop partnerships and collaborations with individuals, government and private businesses to enhance the quality of the network.

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